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Velkominn til Grímsey to you all. My name is Halbjörn Grímsson but you can call me Willard if I gave you the permission to. I represent Grímsey Island, an island located approximatively 40 kilometers off the north coast of the main island of Iceland. I am also a separate local government area and while there is not a lot of things to do here, I hope you— Oh, you're here to walk on the Arctic Circle? *sighs* Seriously, what is so extraordinary about it!?

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útlit. He is way shorter than Iceland but taller than his siblings, Flatey and Kolbeinsey. Despite his small and quite frail body similar to a pre-pubescent boy, he is a bit stronger than he looks, at least, when it comes to fishing. Grímsey has short and messy ash brown hair hidden most of the time under a stripped blue and black hat with a black pompom. Normally, his hairstyle would be a bit like Iceland but the humidity reigning on the island (Thanks to the sea!) makes his hair curl. He also has two bangs, which he pushes behind his ears. He also hides, under his hat, a hair curl shaped like his island despite it actually representing Sandvík, the island's "capital" and only town. His eyes are also a deep dark blue color, representing the sea he is surrounded by. On his left cheek, he has a small scar made by a Kría and on the bottom right of his face, he has a bandage hiding another injury.

föt. Grímsey can be seen wearing fisher clothing but he usually wears a navigator's blue cardigan with a zipper, hand knitted from double Icelandic wool yarn and decorated with a traditional Icelandic motif and a normal, casual pair of jeans although he also wears beige or brown pants when something nice happens. He also wears black lace-up ankle boots. On cold days, you can see him wear a black jacket too. He also wears a leather glove and always has a stick with him in case he goes out of the village.

persónuleiki. Personality wise, Halbjörn appears as an eccentric little island who's very tenacious and persevering despite a horrible temper that strikes if you piss him off, although he'll try to swallow it in front of strangers. You never hear a thing coming from him until you set foot on his island, which is why many people don't even know he exists. However, he is known for his emplacement on the Arctic Circle, something that he feels bittersweet towards. Grímsey is also quite mature for his (Physical) age and enjoys the pleasures of fishing and playing chess daily. Still, despite his rough personality, he is actually a very hardworking, naive and sensitive boy who's doing his best to keep his business going on and at the same time, trying not to become like most of the other islands who lost their population in favor to bigger cities.



☁ Grímsey Island ☁
the pearl on the arctic circle

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Grímsey Island - a gem on the Arctic Circle, far away in the north: the home of one hundred people - and one million seabirds. Courageous fishermen live there with their families. The island stands alone far out on the horizon, a blue cliff, surrounded by the wide Arctic Ocean. (x)

nafn. Halbjörn ( Willard ) Grímsson
aldur. Approximatively 12 years old
kyn. Boy
hæð. 4'5" approximatively
afmæli. 11 nóvember ( fiske-hátíðin )
höfuðborg/höfuðstóll þorp. Sandvík
tungumál. Icelandic ( islanska )
þekkt fyrir. The Arctic Circle, camping, lots of birds, chess, Daniel Willard Fiske, etc,

no thanking for the watch, please!
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